Siddheshwar Temple

Located amidst a lake further flanked by Bhuikot fort, Siddheshwar temple is sacred to Lord Siddheshwar, who is considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The temple is highly revered by the devotees as it is the place where Shri Siddheshwar attained Samadhi. In the main temple complex, there is a beautiful sanctum, which features the idol of Siddheshwar. Also in the main courtyard, there are 68 shiva lingams, which were installed by Lord Siddheshwar. Amrit Linga and Lord Ganesha temples are special mentions. Silver-plated Nandi, and the temple of Vithoba and Goddes Rukmini along with the various other gods are a part of the temple. In the middle of the temple, there is a marble tomb of Siddheshwar. All devotees here are offered maha-prasad.

Khandoba Temple

Established by the princely king of Maharashtra on a small hill in a fort, Khandoba Temples are sacred to Hindu god, Khandoba. Set against the backdrop of lush green hills, Khandoba Temples are a must visit on a pilgrimage tour to Maharashtra. There are two temples in Jejuri that are sacred to Lord Khandoba - one is Kadepathaara, and Gad-kot temple.

Mahatma Gandhi Zoo

Mahatma Gandhi Zoo is a place of interest in Soni Nagar, located in the city of Solapur, Maharashtra. The Zoo is open to public throughout the week and offers some exquisite species of animals. It is located within Solapur city-limits.
Mahatma Gandhi Zoo is a national zoo which comes under the category of small zoo. Being a small zoo it is the only in Maharashtra for Asiatic Lion. Other species include dear, sambha, leopard and many beautiful birds such as peacock, pigeons and migratory birds. The zoo has the famous Mediaval Indian Style architecture similar to the Siddheshwara temple.

Ajoba Ganapati Mandir

Solapur Ajoba Ganpati Mandir in Solapur is dedicated to the Hindu God Ganesh. The temple is sought-after in Maharashtra, an adobe for thousands of pilgrims every day. It is located in 430 Shukrawar Peth, Manik intersection in Solapur, precisely it is about 2 kms far from city center via Rupa Bhavani road.
Solapur Ajoba Ganpati Mandir was established in 1885. The temple is a prepossessing construction and boasts a rich history of over 180 years. Construction is done in such a way that all the proceeding in the temple along with the Ganesh idol can be seen from outside. Lokmanya Tilak gave communal aspects to Ganesh Utsav in 1894. Since then, it is adorned with nearly 60 kilos of gold.